Detertwins 1L

Detertwins neutral cleaner

Suitable for:
All types of tile and stone, including marble, granite and terracotta

Lantania DETERTWINS is an ideal neutral cleaner for daily cleaning of marble, granite and terracotta surfaces. 

Use approximately 200ml DETERTWINS 4 liters of water. In severe pollution DETERTWINS can also be used pure. If you do that you still need to rinse with water after cleaning.

Less than 5% of ionic and non-ionic surface-active agents (EEC standard 89/542). Over 90% biodegradable (articles 2 and 4 of the Italian Decree No 136 dated 26.04.83). "

Twins.TW 1L


Impregnation for polished marble / granite


Impregnation for polished marble and granite, it protects surfaces from stains caused by water and oil.

Directions for use:

TWINS.TW on a clean and dry surface with a dry, soft, colorless, lint-free cloth.

Allow to dry well. The treated area may dry mat, this is the case, you can rub the surface with a clean, dry, colorless cloth. * TWINS.TW not protect against acid (vinegar, lemon juice, ...) Maintenance: Use a DETERTWINS for cleaning of the surfaces treated with TWINS.TW. Avoid using particularly aggressive or concentrated products so as not to affect the backing.




Welcome to YESMARBLE

The YESMARBLE is nationally recognised for providing the highest level of quality on the fabrication of marble kitchen worktops, granite kitchen worktops, and branded quartz stone kitchen worktops. We are an approved fabricator for Quarella, Silestone, Caesarstone, Technistone, Diresco, Cimstone, Arenastone, Lunastone, Samsung, Stone Italiana, Apichetta and Lunastone.

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Care & Maintenance for Stone Surfaces


Kit Bravo & Kit Bello

These Bravo Kit is the new ecological marble kit, easy to use.
Will help you daily keeping and protecting your polished marble and granite tops.
The kit contains:
BRAVOCLEAN: neutral detergent specifically designed for the daily care.
BRAVOCREAM: high quality water based emulsion cream, ideal for
restoring polished marble and granite shine.
HIDROBRAVO: hydro-oil repellent for polished marble and granite
Tests carried out by a certified laboratory confirm that surfaces treated
with “HIDROBRAVO”, after drying, are suitable to come into contact
with food.

These innovative KIT BELLO specially designed to restore marble tops damaged by acid attacks. This brand new kit will allow to restore the brightness of your surfaces in marble, damaged by the corrosive action
of lemon, orange or any type of acid substance in general.
KIT BELLO contains:
• 3 polishing discs
• 1 pair of gloves
• 1 white non-fi brous cloths
• 3 bags of “BELLO powder”
• 2 cloths for the above powder
• 1 bottle of wax BRAVOCREAM


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