Bethel White

Brand : Granite


Available Thicknesses : 30mm, 20mm, 50mm,


Available Finishes : Polished, Leather, Anticato,



Bethae White granite has a creamy off-white background with a combination of beige and grey swirling and black coloured flecks. There are small variations in pattern with each slab but the shade and colour is usually consistent. Bethel White is one of the lighter granites available and is a very popular choice for modern contemporary kitchens. However it is also suited to more traditional kitchens too; the beauty of Bethel White is that its light colouring will blend well
with almost any coloured kitchen cabinetry. The pattern and unusual presence of black flecks give Bethel White granite a very unique and distinctive look.

Bethel White originates from India where many unique granites are mined. Due to its pale colours, Bethel White is not as durable as darker granites and so more care must be taken in its preservation. Care should be taken to ensure that it is not exposed to excessive heat, cold or moisture.

Due to the popularity of Bethel White granite, we have vast experience in fitting this particular granite in a wide range of applications. Please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements for Bethel White granite.

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