Here you can find the latest, most stunning modern German kitchen styles. At Yes Marble we specialize in flexible approaches to every kitchen. We pride ourselves on the innovative solutions that we are able to deliver to our customers. Our designers can help you achieve a look which will suit your home and lifestyle. While crafting modern kitchen designs, we need to encompass geometry, lighting, colours and many other variables that add to the intensive customization we offer.

High Gloss Kitchens are a hugely popular choice in the United Kingdom. At Yes Marble Kitchens, we provide options which may aid you to achieve the perfect modern or contemporary kitchen look. A wide choice of colours means that you can be as bold as you like and opt for red high gloss or you can be subtle with a white or cream high gloss – the choice is yours. You can also mix and match the colour of your kitchen as you see fit – our designers can help achieve your dream high gloss kitchen.

We have a range of quality wood kitchens for you to choose from. You can opt to go for a genuine wood kitchen or a wood finish created from synthetic material. Wood kitchens are available in various finishes like gloss, lacquer and PVC. We offer different hues of wood to suit all tastes including real oak, walnut and Cuban Oak.

White kitchens are probably the most popular choice for customers in the United Kingdom. This is for the simple reason that it can be easily paired with a variety of colours and offers a classic neutrality that has the ability to make a room appear brighter and visually bigger than it actually is.
Cream kitchens are almost as popular as white kitchens; however they provide a bit more warmth for your room, – still very easy to pair with almost any other colour.

Traditional kitchens provide a classic, timeless style that suit the role of the kitchen as the ‘central hub’ of any home. At one time, solid oak was the primary material used in many traditional kitchens; however this is no longer the case. Today, traditional kitchens boast some of the richest selections and at Illya Kitchens; we offer a broad variety of exciting colours and top-quality materials. Our expert consultants can advise you on the best bespoke traditional kitchen for you during a home-visit.

The shaker style may be used to recreate a cottage kitchen look or even a contemporary kitchen, by choosing a gloss shaker front. The design combinations are limitless and our designers would love to offer you free advice and provide a 3D model to help you bring your dream kitchen to life.